Then and Now...

DIXIE GRANITE COMPANY, INC., located in Elberton, Georgia, has been in continuous operation since 1928, easily ranking it as one of Georgia's oldest granite monument manufacturers.

In 1997, Dixie's plant superintendent, John Campbell, along with his wife, Kaye, purchased the 70-year-old manufacturing facility. With the new ownership, came a series of capacity upgrades and new capabilities.

First, there was the erection of a new main plant enlarging the facility to 38,000 sq. ft. Next, Dixie upgraded its sandblast engraving facility by installing two sandblasting rooms, two shape carving rooms, two compressors, and an automated abrasive recovery system.

To help product flow, 180 feet of runway and two bridge cranes were also installed over the new sandblast department. And finally, Dixie added to and upgraded its equipment to include a wide array of state-of-the-art automated equipment including:

  • 3 rotary block saws
  • 3 rotary finishing saws
  • tilt saw
  • computer controlled diamond wire contour saw
  • 11 foot Hydro-Split break out machine
  • 2 automated slab polishers
  • 2 automated top and end polishers
  • 2 manually operated top and end polishers
  • profile machine
  • Thibault milling machine